Expert Tile Replacement and Silicone Tile Repairs in Sydney

Swap flawed tiles for a flawless look

Have you ever walked into a room and been distracted by a broken or cracked tile on the floor or wall? It’s an unsightly blemish that diminishes the look of the room and it can also compromise functionality. But it doesn’t have to. If you have replacement tiles, our skilled team can expertly remove broken or cracked tiles and lay the new one for a flawless finish.

We request you have the replacement tiles before we arrive so there is no error in size or preference.

Swap Flawed Tiles For A Flawless Look
Give your tiles a silicone makeover

Give your tiles a silicone makeover

Over time, the silicone around your bath edges, vanities, kitchen splashbacks and shower screens become discoloured and susceptible to mould build-up. Ordinary cleaning methods can fall short and the only way to restore the silicone to its original state is to remove the old silicone and apply a fresh layer.

The silicone acts as a protective seal and water-resistant barrier. We use specialised tools to remove the old silicone, clean the area with a dedicated solution and expertly apply new silicone, ensuring a smooth and professional finish.