Sydney Shower Screen Installation

Upgrade your shower screen for style & function

Ready to spruce up your bathroom? Start with your shower screen. A modern shower screen is the stylish way to transform your bathroom. We can co-ordinate the installation of your new shower screen, tailored to your specifications and installed by a reputable glass company that we have partnered with since 2000.

We simplify the process for you with a single point of contact to remove your old shower screen, regrout your shower recess and install your new shower screen the following day once the fresh grout has dried.

Upgrade Your Shower Screen For Style & Function
It’s Time To Modernise Your Bathroom Shower Screen

It’s time to modernise your bathroom shower screen

A new shower screen can redefine your bathroom aesthetics and provide a contemporary touch. Explore a range of shower screens – from framed to frameless in a variety of colours, sizes and styles tailored to your preferences.

The precision required for measuring and fitting a shower screen is a specialised skill which is why we entrust the task to a professional for all our screens. This ensures a perfect fit with expert installation.