Shower Tile Repair Sydney

Get ready for a fresh new look

Tile Regrouting is the decisive repair and maintenance solution for existing tiled areas. Even if your tiles are in impeccable shape, worn-out grout can diminish the aesthetic appeal. Regrouting is a superior alternative to re-tiling because it enhances the appearance of your tiled surface weathered by years of daily use at an affordable cost. Any tiled surface can be regrouted – from showers, bathrooms, laundries, splashbacks and floors.
Get ready for a fresh new look
Renew your space, tile by tile

Renew your space, tile by tile

Regrouting helps you achieve a like-new appearance for any tiled space in your home or business. Whether the bathroom tiles have lost their lustre, the kitchen splashback looks grimy, the floors appear tired or the laundry needs a refresh, regrouting delivers a fresh look. Tile Regrouting will restore grout lines and transform the appeal your tiled space.

How does tile regrouting work?

Preparation is key when it comes to achieving exceptional regrouting results. Our skilled team uses specialised power tools set to a depth of 3-4mm to carefully remove existing grout. The area then undergoes a thorough cleaning followed by the application of Sanitized Superfine White Grout – a robust, cementitious application designed for most ceramic tiles and natural stones. The grout also contains biocide which provides resistance to a wide range of moulds and bacteria. While industry standards suggest a 10-year lifespan for grout, our professional approach ensures your tiled area remains pristine and resistant for years to come.

Why regrout? Here are the benefits

Save Time

Unlike extensive renovations that can disrupt your routine for weeks, regrouting involves minimal downtime. Most full bathrooms can be completed in one day, with your shower only out of use for 24 hours.

Healthier environment

Mould and mildew thrives in damp conditions like in the bathroom and it looks unsightly. By eliminating them through regrouting, you’re creating a hygienic space that safeguards against respiratory issues and pest infestations.

Boost your property value

A well-presented bathroom and kitchen can significantly influence the sale of your property, making regrouting a savvy investment for sellers and landlords.

Save Money

Compared to the cost of re-tiling or a full renovation, regrouting delivers amazing results at a fraction of the cost. There are no unexpected expenses like tile disposal or plumbing which makes regrouting a budget-friendly solution to making your tiles look as good as new.