Save Money Now by Limiting Your Water Consumption

Save Money Now by Limiting Your Water Consumption

Did you know that an average Australian uses about 300 liters of water ever day? With water being one of the most finite resources on our planet it’s important we all begin to limit our water consumption. Here are a few tips on how to save water in your home and ultimately save money in the long term.

In The Bathroom

To save big in the bathroom try to make these suggested changes:

1.Replace your showerhead to a low-flow head, some have seen about a 10% saving on their water and heating bill.

2.Install a low-flow toilet. This change will use one third of what older water toilets use.

3.Turn the water off while brushing your teeth

4.Fill the sink with a bit of hot warm water while shaving instead of leaving the faucet open.

5.Fix any toilet and faucets leaks as soon as possible

6.Limit the time of your showers by 2-3 minutes, remember every drop counts.

We’ve seen great results after these tips were applied, give them a try today!

In The Kitchen:

A majority of us spend a good amount of time in our kitchens every day. To start saving in your kitchen try to do the following:

1.Use your dishwasher vs doing dishes by hand. Dishwashers often typically utilize less water and will.

2.Soak pots and pans in warm water instead of running them under hot water.

3.Upgrade your existing kitchen faucet to an energy star product or with an automatic faucet to use less liters each day.

4.Try not to defrost any frozen foods under running water instead thaw in your fridge overnight or in your microwave.

Laundry Room

Let’s face it we all wear about three to five pieces of clothing a day and at the end of the week there we find ourselves looking at a pile of laundry. Here are a few tips to save water and energy in your laundry room.

1.Match the size of your load with the amount of clothing you will be washing.

2.Invest into a washing machine that uses low energy and does not need a ton of water to run. The newer washing machines on the market today are very efficient and may save you a fortune overtime.

3.Wash dark clothing with cold water instead of warm water it will save energy overall.

4.Try to limit the amount of hot water you use per cycle by only useing hot water for dirty or white clothing.

Remember you are in control of the usage of your resources and only you can change the level of consumption within your home. Don’t let your bills control your life, start saving today!

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